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The Arizer Family

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Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizers

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Ascent Vaporizer

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We Found Rob Ford!

Rob Ford in RehabMust be tough in rehab… I wonder what Mr.Fords vaporizer of choice would be?

Health Benefits of a Vaporizer


Do you have a battery operated air freshener dispenser in your home? If so, have you ever heard it go off and felt like leaving the room while the fragrance had a chance to weaken? If you have done this then consider what your body is trying to tell you. The strong fragrance you are

Vivape Vaporizer Review

vivape vaporizer

Vivape has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by releasing high quality vaporizers to the market. The unique and impressive specifications of these vaporizers have played an important role behind their popularity. The quality of vapor produced by it holds a prominent place out of them. Many customers who have purchased it