VaporBLUNT 2.0

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ClearView Herb Grinders

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The Arizer Family

Experience true Canadian vaporization with the Extreme Q, V Tower, and Solo vaporizers by Arizer. Buy Now!

Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizers

The Classic and Digital Volcano Vaporizers are the king of all vaporizers. They are the most recognized brand in vaporization because of its unique hot air balloon system. Buy Now!

The Ascent Vaporizer is the latest addition by Davinci. It is the first glass on glass portable vaporizer and is significantly smaller than its counterpart. Get this sexy and stylish vaporizer today! Accepting PRE ORDERS now! Buy Now!


Vivape Vaporizer Review

vivape vaporizer

Vivape has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by releasing high quality vaporizers to the market. The unique and impressive specifications of these vaporizers have played an important role behind their popularity. The quality of vapor produced by it holds a prominent place out of them. Many customers who have purchased it

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

silver surfer vape

Vaporizers are placed in a category of devices that are used to heat specific plant matter and release the gas into the air. This can be done for a therapeutic purpose or for achieving a specific mood. The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is just one of many vaporizers that can purchased for this purpose. The Silver

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What is Vaporization?

Vaporization is a broad term that describes the process of turning a solid into a gas by heating it at very high temperatures. What we are concerned with at is a particular type of vaporization: Therapeutic vaporization.

Breath in that Clean Air What is Therapeutic Vaporization?

With therapeutic vaporization, or aromatherapy, plant matter is heated up to such a high temperature that its active ingredients are released as gas, or vapor. This vapor is typically either directly inhaled – the Davinci Vaporizer is an example of a portable vaporizer– or diffused into the air of a room, as may be done with the Arizer Extreme Q. People inhale directly when they’re looking to extract the benefits of a particular plant. For instance, chamomile may be vaporized and inhaled for its soothing effects. Diffusing into a room is generally used for providing a pleasant smell and setting a mood. Diffusers are great for offices, mood-setting within the home when guests are over, and masking odours in bathrooms.

Why Vaporize: The Benefits

Vaporizing versus Smoking.Traditionally plant matter has been consumed by combustion - that is, setting it on fire and smoking. Citing a number of studies, vaporization would seem to be the much healthier choice. A 2007 University of California study reveals one reason why vaporization is healthier than smoking. Keep in mind that Carbon Monoxide is a cancer-causing byproduct of smoking:

Using CO [Carbon Monoxide] as an indicator, there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products using the vaporizing device.


Vaporizing is reported to produce far fewer carcinogens, as well as cause far less harm to the lungs and respiratory tract, when compared to smoking.

In addition, less plant matter is needed to extract the same amount of active ingredient as with smoking. Vaporization is far more efficient than combustion!

Natural Aroma Diffusal versus Synthetic Air Fresheners. Why choose vaporization as your method of aroma versus traditional methods like Febreze or Glade? With Glade and Febreze, you’re releasing synthetic chemicals into the air that eventually find their way into the lungs of you and your family. Complaints with Glade Plug-in products include: numbing of olfactory senses, increase in allergy symptoms, migraines, irritability, asthma, and sore throat.  Remember, manufacturers of air fresheners aren’t looking at your health as a priority – they’re looking to produce large amounts of chemical freshener at low prices. With an aroma diffuser, you are in charge of what you’ll be releasing into your home’s air. It’s hard to go wrong, when you’re choosing between natural organic materials like chamomile and peppemint. Think cinnamon at Christmas-time!

It’s even good for the environment. Most Glade Plug-in air fresheners end up in the garbage after one use. This leads to a ton of plastic wasted. Well-made aroma diffusers are built to last many years of continual use; all of our products come with at least a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Refilling an aroma diffuser from one use to another simply requires a pinch of plant leaves. Gardeners, enjoy your very own supply of air fresheners right in your front or backyard! For the rest of us, there are tea leaves and other packages of organic material sold at grocery stores, farmer’s markets and other venues. You can get as creative as you like!

Price. It doesn't seem like a two hundred dollar vaporizer could be cheaper than a two or three dollar plug-in freshener. However, when you consider that a single refill of a plug-in freshener is two to three dollars, while an aroma diffuser is just a few cents, over enough uses the aroma diffuser becomes cheaper than plug-in fresheners. Consider how many fresheners you might use over a five-year, ten-year, or twenty-year lifetime of a single aroma diffuser.